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Paul & Gena Suarez understand what online auction sites mean to both homeschool families and homeschool vendors. Their magazine, The Old Schoolhouse®, got its start a few years ago from an eBay business.

Gena actually began selling homeschool curriculum on eBay to supplement Paul's income while staying at home with their children. Like so many other people, she saw the potential in selling items on eBay, and since she was interested in homeschooling, she decided that she would sell homeschool materials. As her eBay business grew, so did her rapport with her customers. Many asked her homeschooling questions - questions along the lines of: “What method did you use? What curriculum did you like? How do you homeschool with a busy preschooler at home? How many hours a day does it take?” It was getting time-consuming answering individual emails, so Paul and Gena decided that it was time to write a homeschooling newsletter to answer the various incoming questions for their customers. And that's what started it all. After their first e-newsletter to about 300 customers, they created a 12-page black and white newsletter which went out to over 750 people! One year later, they were printing a color, 38-page small magazine and then, within the next year, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine began to take shape as it is today – approximately 200 pages per issue, packed full of information from homeschool leaders and parents worldwide.

Now, Paul & Gena not only run the largest homeschool magazine in the world, but they also run the largest online homeschool community -
www.HomeschoolBlogger.com. They continue their efforts to help homeschoolers with the opening of Homeschool Buy. As homeschoolers grew increasingly frustrated with eBay's decision to no longer allow teacher's editions to be sold, Paul & Gena began to research the idea of starting an online auction site to meet the needs of homeschoolers and others interested in buying and selling homeschooling and other family-friendly items. Thus began Homeschool Buy Your Family-Friendly Internet Auction Alternative.

Let us know what you think about it. Feel free to list a few items. You don't even have to be a homeschooler. A basic listing is free and, if you don't choose any extras, you aren't out anything if your item doesn't sell. Maybe you, too, will discover a whole new business for your family!

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