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Homeschool Buy Language Policy

www.HomeschoolBuy.com (“Homeschool Buy” or ”Website”) is owned and operated by its parent company, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC (“TOS”). Homeschool Buy and TOS are strongly committed to providing a family-friendly website free from profanity, racial slurs and other objectionable language. For purposes of this Homeschool Buy Language Policy (“Language Policy”), “User” means and includes any person or entity accessing or using Homeschool Buy. This Language Policy is part of and incorporated into the Homeschool Buy User Agreement (“User Agreement”). Use of Homeschool Buy constitutes a representation, warranty and agreement that the User has read, understands and agrees to be bound by all portions of the User Agreement.

LP 1. No Profanity, Obscenity or Offensive Language. Users may not post, publish, upload or use language, images or other content which violates the User Agreement, including without limitation profanity and obscenity. For purposes of this Language Policy, “Profane,” “Obscene” and “Offensive” language and content means language or content which: (a) is commonly accepted as “swearing,” “profanity” or “obscenity,” (b) contains one or more words which would violate existing Federal Communications Commission standards for broadcast decency, (c) takes the name of the LORD, Jehovah or Jesus Christ in vain or otherwise treats sacred subjects, objects or issues with abuse, irreverence or contempt, (d) contains explicit sexual statements or overtly sexual references, (e) taken in context, would be considered offensive by a reasonable person, or (f) contains words which are considered taboo or forbidden in polite use or become repulsive through crass disregard for the morality of and religious principles held and supported by Homeschool Buy and TOS. Homeschool Buy and TOS reserve the sole, discretionary right to determine whether language or content qualifies as “Profane, Obscene or Offensive” under this standard.

LP 2. No Racial Slurs. Racial slurs and other derogatory or demeaning terms and expressions used to describe people of a specific race, ethnicity, gender, religion or national origin are considered “Offensive” language and are not permitted on Homeschool Buy.

LP 3. No “Creative Spellings.” “Creative Spelling” means use of language and content which substitutes asterisks or other alternative characters for part or all of a term which would otherwise violate this Language Policy or the User Agreement. Use of Creative Spellings is deemed use of the relevant Profane, Obscene or Offensive terms.

LP 4. Profanity Filter. User understands and agrees that Homeschool Buy and TOS may, but have no obligation to, employ an automatic, electronic “profanity filter” in order to enforce the provisions of the User Agreement. User understands that use of the profanity filter may result in deletion or elimination of profane, obscene and offensive language, failure to delete or eliminate all profane obscene and offensive language and the unintentional deletion or elimination of language which is not profane, obscene or offensive. User agrees to hold TOS and Homeschool Buy harmless from and against all responsibility and liability resulting from or arising out of the proper or improper functioning of the profanity filter.

LP 5. Violations. Homeschool Buy and TOS consider this Language Policy an express warning to all Users and may not provide additional warnings prior to penalizing Users for using non-permitted language on Homeschool Buy. Homeschool Buy and TOS reserve the right to suspend or terminate all or any part of the password, account, use privileges and Website access of any User or third party, and to suspend, delete, block out or eliminate any Website Content, at any time and for any reason, including without limitation a discretionary determination by TOS or Homeschool Buy that a User has engaged in conduct which violates the letter or spirit of the User Agreement, including without limitation violation of the Language Policy. Suspension, termination, deletion, blocking and similar actions may be temporary or permanent at the sole discretion of TOS and Homeschool Buy. Suspension or termination of a User’s account may also result in the suspension or termination of all other accounts registered (a) in the name of the User whose account has been suspended or terminated, (b) to members of the same household as the User whose account has been suspended or terminated and (c) to computers or Users sharing a physical or IP address with the User whose account has been suspended or terminated. A User whose account or access privileges have been blocked or suspended may not create a new account, access Website using an account belonging to another User or otherwise use or access Homeschool Buy while the User’s privileges remain blocked or suspended. A User whose account or access privileges have been terminated may not create a new account or access or use Homeschool Buy in any manner. User understands and agrees that rights reserved by or belonging to TOS and Homeschool Buy may be exercised at any time with or without cause or prior notice and that those rights include full deactivation or deletion of Website Content, including without limitation Material created, provided, uploaded, linked or posted by User. TOS and Homeschool Buy have no responsibility to provide User with copies of any suspended, deleted, blocked, terminated or eliminated Website Content.

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