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Welcome to Three Bees Home School Supplies! A place where you can find a variety of items for your home school and household needs!
My name is Aida Denisse Prybylski, but I go by my middle name Denisse, and I have 3 children. My husband is in the military and I support out troops. I am an establised e-Bay seller (with 500+ feedback at 100%), but was looking for a way to sell my Teacher Edition books and sets since they are banned on that site. I was excited to learn about this site that is Home School specific.

I hope to establish a great reputation as a seller and buyer. If you have any questions whatsoever please e-mail me.

I do my best to offer exact cost shipping prices with no extra fees. If I can package it with something I have around the house the I don't charge any handling fees. If I need to buy any type of packaging materials then I charge what the materials would cost.

Why do I ship Priority Mail? My main reason is because I get the boxes and shipping materials for FREE which means you don't get charged any extra fees. Also because once the item is shipped it only takes 3-5 days for delivery. Please remember that Priority Mail is NOT guaranteed but on average it takes 3-5 days delivery. That means no waiting for 2-3 weeks to recieve your item. Honestly Media Mail takes too long and even with purchasing Delivery Confirmation tracking information is only updated when item is delivered. On items that do not fit in a Priority Mail flate rate envelope or would cost more than $5 to ship Priority Mail I ship Parcel Post. Also I offer combined shipping discounts and will ship multiple items in a Flat Rate box for that rate or Parcel Post whichever is cheaper. So if you are purchasing lots of things check with me to see if all the items fit in a flat rate box.

I do my best to describe my items so if you encounter any problems when you recieve your purchase please e-mail me. Life can get a bit out of control with 3 year old twins running around the house and home schooling.


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